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Who we are ?

30 years ago, when a young man in Hong Kong said to his parents in dinner that he had an idea to become an international businessman, HONEL International was named and founded as a small trade company. beginning from seafood imported and exported in Hong Kong, it has become a global company doing international trade in the world wild. it has been touch in the sector of food industries, such as prepackaged food, agriculture products, animal protein and plant protein for human food.  More than hundreds of partners on the network in the world have been formed as HONEL GROUP today...  

What we do?

HONEL GROUP is an international trade company which works with suppliers facilities directly involved in seafood, beef, poultry, and pork, HONEL GROUP also would like to work with customers to build their business from beginning grow up to stronger together and always share the mutual interests together with the business partners for long term. as per said, the quality is always the life of a business, we have a very high level of standards for quality control management system for both supply chains and consumers in the market. all of the employees in HONEL GROUP has been accepted the professional training on food safety and customer service on the first day of work and continue forever...  

How do we service?

Our staffs always provide more value services to our customers with their excellent, professional work experience on the business line, and also work with suppliers to identify the standards of products. Our management team will take care of all of your business concerned, and implement the verification on-site in facilities and packing manufactures for both of the quality and safety food preventive control. We monitor every step well from the farm until the table. It is our goal if you are satisfied with our business.  



Since 1986 in Hong Kong, HONEL has evolved from a small international trading company to today, and we are very grateful to God for giving us everything! We have had the long term business relationship with our partners who have owned the shrimp farms, frozen processing plants, product packaging plants in many countries and regions. The brand “HONEL” of aquatic products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and we have won the trust of our customers!


The high quality aquatic products of the HONEL brand provide a rich array of animal nutrition proteins to consumers around the world. With the most advanced food safety management awareness, we provide safe and reliable health food for our loyal customers.


Please contact us today to order a nutritious HONEL brand of aquatic products from the clean blue ocean.


1190 Nogoya Way, 

San Pedro, CA 90731

Tel: 626-566-5522

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